In the year 2000 Jesus is the Answer Church was started as a Bible study in a Gordonsville, Tennessee home. The Bible study grew so much it had to move to the Senior Citizens Center in Alexandria, Tennessee. After two years, God spoke to Rev. Robert Scales to “Start the work.” That is when the Bible study became a Church and began meeting at the Liberty State Bank on the Alexandria Town Square. Two years later, the church expanded again and was blessed to purchase the United Methodist Church building in Watertown, Tennessee. God has been with Jesus is the Answer Church since the beginning. This is evident by the lives that have been touched and forever changed.

What We Believe

What We Believe

We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God. The Holy Spirit breathed

upon men the very words God wanted them to say.

The Scriptures are Divine revelations given by God and received by man, and as such, are the only revelations that are infallible. Jesus' teachings to the church are SUPREME authority in all matters of faith and morals. The Word of God directly reveals the will of God for all men and for all time.

We believe that Jesus' teachings are above all and should be the foundation of every Christians life. All other Scriptures should be built upon the foundation of His death, burial and resurrection.